Cheadle Facial Aesthetics

Cheadle Facial Aesthetics were originally part of Cheadle Hulme Dental, but came to SEO MCR to seek out a way to separate the two businesses, while still being identifiable as being associated.

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  • Increase awareness of Cheadle Facial Aesthetics as a business in its own right

  • Make a simple, highly attractive, easy-to-use website with clear call to actions

  • Develop a focussed local SEO strategy for facial aesthetics keywords.


A new brand was created using the graphical elements and typography of the old brand to ensure familiarisation. The appearance of the website also retained colour scheme and similar layout. SEO MCR conducted in-depth keyword research and developed an effective SEO strategy.


To create a new brand that was associated to the parent brand so the two would be easily identifiable as being associated.


Within a few weeks, the website appeared in the top 20 for key target search terms.