D-ENERGi “One Stop Energy Solution Provider” TM is a UK leading business to business gas and electricity energy supplier. Their customer portfolio ranges from smaller individual care homes to larger care home groups and other specialised sectors such as education, hospitality, manufacturing, and retai

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  • Rank better for key target keywords

  • Increase relevant search traffic to their website

  • Increase enquiry conversions to develop new business


With D-ENERGi being a relatively new company to the market competing with well established players a focussed SEO strategy was required against a lit of target defined keywords. Developer SEO checklists were created and actioned, followed by offline optimisation and a consistent approach to creating fresh new relevant content on a weekly basis.


The energy sector is a very competitive space with well established ‘household brand name’ energy comparison sites..


Search engine positioning has improved for very specific high conversion keywords. Enquiries have increased significantly and are converting into new business.